Logo Silver


$149 ONLY

  • 6 Custom Logo Design Concepts
  • 2 Dedicated Designers
  • 8 Revisions
  • 24-48 Hours Turnaround Time
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Color and Grey Scale options
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Logo Silver

For starting a new business, you need to take a lot of aspects into consideration. The beginning phase of any business or entrepreneurial venture is extremely important, as the future advancement is dependent on it. So, it is important that a strong foundation is laid that helps the business grow steadily.

  • Out of the many factors specific to the startups is the cost effectiveness, you cannot invest a lot right at the beginning.
  • So as per the specific requirements of startups, we introduce an affordable and effective package.
  • The Package is moderately priced at $45 only. Providing you with 6 Custom Logo Design Concepts, unlimited revisions, Free Color Options and Grayscale Format. In short, everything that you need for an effective and custom logo, delivered to you in 2 days at a very low cost.

Think you need more?

Try our Logo Gold, all it takes is $119 and you could have the branding benefits of a Small Scale Business.